This is our new LP, recorded in London, Brighton, Brooklyn and Oxfordshire. It was produced by D.H.R. Gibbs and Ian Davenport and is available to buy on red and black splattered clear vinyl in our shop. Click here or on the image to listen. The Darkest Days of the Empire features some amazing musicians including Daniel Jose Darriba, Davide De Rose, Eddy Stevens, Jodie Scantlebury, Andre Canniere, Takatsuna Mukai, Lisa Moore, Catrin Jones, Daniel Hydes, Philip Dawson and Kristian Gough.

Our first album, released way back in 2010. Physical copies are sold out but you can listen by clicking here or on the image. It was recorded in four countries by many engineers and features artists who have played with such awesome and inspiring luminaries as Hole, Gobsausage, Ten Minutes with My Dad, Roisin Murphy, Noel Hogan, Supergrass and many more.